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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course starts 30 September

1024px-Savasana_artisticEffective mindfulness-based strategies to reduce the feeling of stress in your life, help manage difficult sensations, moods and feelings. Relief from stress and anxiety enhance well-being and enable you to feel more relaxed and in charge of your life, and to live more fully and freely.

8 week MBSR course led by Dhammagita on Tuesday afternoons, with a full day on Sunday 2 November.  Details and booking here.

The City as a Forest, Sangha Night, Tuesday 22 July

graffiti buddhaSangha night is open to all who have learnt meditation, 7-9:30 every Tuesday.  The current theme is Dharma in the City

22 July Kamalashila: The City as a Forest

He writes: “My Buddhism in the City.
Why, exactly four years ago, did I move to London from the elemental simplicity of my hermitage in Wales and a land community in Spain? What is it about deep experiences of nature that enable wisdom and compassion? Where in the rush of cities like ours, which came about to counter the inconvenience and slowness of nature, could such experiences ever be found?  Following on from Padmamati’s dramatic fall to earth (London) last week, I will tell my own story.”

29 July: new theme starts.

Details here.