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Sangha Day 9 November

Deep_meditationSangha Day Festival Sunday 9 November (including mitra ceremonies)
One of the three big Buddhist festivals, celebrating Sangha, the supportive network of practitioners. 10:30 meditation led by Paramananda. 1:00 bring veggie lunch to share, a talk on Sangha in the afternoon by Paramananda; Puja led by Ratnaprabha at about 5pm, with special mitra ceremonies likely for Mark, Philippe, Alastair and Matthew, in front of a special shrine by Tarakarunya.

All welcome, by donation.

Learn about Buddhism — evening course starts 5 November

Ratnaprabha will be teaching a six week evening class on ‘Practical Buddhism’, starting Wednesday 5 November.  The emphasis is on using Buddhist teachings and methods in graffiti-lamareal daily life.  Book here.

Prerequisites: students should have learnt the basic meditation practices, and have done them for at least a few weeks.  You don’t need to know anything about Buddhism.

  • Week one: Introductory, the Three Jewels, the place of the Awakened one.
  • Week two: The Dharma 1: practical Buddhist ethics.
  • Week three: The Dharma 2: meditation. The place of meditation in Buddhism.
  • Week four: The Dharma 3: wisdom, uncovering reality.
  • Week five: The meaning of Sangha, finding a Sangha; the WLBC Sangha.
  • Week six: The value of devotional practice, and summary.

A vibrant new West London Buddhist Centre

IMG_1641We will move to a new larger building in December, and we have ideas for reaching more people with meditation and the Dharma.  See here for Paramananda’s thoughts on new projects, outreach, and residential communities, as well as a wishlist for the new centre; lots of help and donations are needed!  And here is his very personal talk on why Buddhist Centres can bring real benefit.

Sangha Night 28 October: Paramananda, ‘meditating under trees’

graffiti buddhaThe Buddha and his followers loved meditating — and living — in the open air.  Paramananda leads very popular one-month camping retreats for Buddhafield in the West of England.  As the last talk in the ‘going on retreat’ theme, he will recount the benefits of open-air retreats, but this time inside our cosy Centre.  Meditation starts at 7, all welcome who have learnt the basic practices, by donation (£8 suggested).