West London Buddhist Centre


Teachers based at WLBC are involved in leading retreats not only for WLBC but at a range of retreat centres around the UK and abroad.  For WLBC’s own programme of retreats, click here.


Retreat at Taraloka: Path as Symbol (on Sangharakshita’s System of Practice), 5-12 April 2019 (with Singhashri and Saddhanandi)

Retreat at Taraloka: Boundless Heart, Limitless Mind (on the Brahma Viharas), 12-19 July 2019 (with Varabhadri and Vidyaskhi)


Meditation week at Rivendell: Falling into the World, 30 November-7 December 2018 (with Mandarava)

Meditation week at Rivendell: The River Underground, 22-29 March 2019 (with Nagasiddhi)

Meditation week at Rivendell: Heart of Practice, 17-24 May 2019 (with Atula & Mandarava)

Meditation retreat with Buddhafield: Total Immersion, 1-14 June 2019

Two week meditation retreat at Rivendell: The Alchemical Heart, 16-30 August 2019 (with Mandarava)

Meditation long weekend at Rivendell: Black Sun, 18 – 21 October 2019 (with Nagasiddhi)

Meditation week at Rivendell: Body & Soul, 18-21 October 2019 (with Mandarava)


New Year Retreat at Taraloka: Meditation, Contemplation and Devotion, 27 December-3 January 3 2019 (with Samantabhadri and others)