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Californian massage

Published in Touch Therapies

Californian Esalen® Massage, created at the Esalen Institute, is a kind of bodywork designed to promote the feeling of physical, mental and spiritual integration.

Long strokes form the  basis of Californian Massage, with a combination of gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature, delicate cranial balancing and the precision of Chinese point work.

Esalen® Massage is a type of bodywork based on sensory-motor education rather than being a treatment or procedure in itself. It doesn’t aim to tackle a widespread problem, but to carefully create a flow of sensory information towards the client’s mind, which opens itself up for transformation. The origin of this perspective is the belief that the healing source lies within each person and can be activated through presence and attention

One session lasts

60 mts costs £70

80 mts costs £90

Concessions may be available upon request