Our Community

The WLBC wishes to be a resource for the local community by offering classes and events that benefit body and mind. In our Studio we offer yoga, qigong and Feldenkrais classes, some at a special community rate. Our cultural events programme is another way in which we hope to connect with and be of benefit to the local community.

A Buddhist word for community is Sangha. In our community (Triratna) the word Sangha is broadly used to refer to all people who practise at the centre and feel connected with other people attending the centre. You do not have to regard yourself as a Buddhist to participate in our Sangha, just come along.  Sangha events are mostly by donation, so do consider supporting the Centre and its work.

Cultural Events

In the Triratna tradition there is great emphasis on the spiritual value of the arts. Creating and experiencing arts can contribute to more expansive states of awareness. It can even lead to spiritual transformation.

At the WLBC we offer a variety of cultural events.  The baby grand piano that sits in a corner of our reception area is regularly wheeled out for concerts and singing workshops. There are poetry readings and artist talks, and a variety of artistic workshops in activities ranging from zen calligraphy to creative writing.