West London Buddhist Centre

Film club: Encounters at the end of the world

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  • Sat May 19th 2018
  • 6:00 pm
  • 8:30 pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, suggested donation £8 waged

WLBC’s Film Club shows top notch films, selected and introduced by members of the WLBC sangha. Join us to hang out, watch the film and discover its connections (whether direct or oblique) to Buddhist teachings. All welcome.

This month, Akashadevi presents Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the end of the world (2009, 140 minutes – see trailer below).  She writes:

‘In this month’s Film Club, I will present this characteristically quirky and category-defying movie by my favourite film director, Werner Herzog. It was Oscar nominated at the time for the astonishing quality of its nature sequences, some of which are reminiscent of The Blue Planet. It’s basically a meandering road trip through Antarctica, pondering life, the universe and everything, through a series of fascinating conversations with some of the seriously unconventional people who have chosen to live and work there – including scientists studying the process and effects of climate change. Herzog, with his respectful and gently curious stance towards all he encounters, has a natural ability to get people to open up and reveal themselves in deep and moving ways. He makes a point at the beginning of the film to say that this is ‘not another feel-good movie about fluffy penguins’. However, my favourite scene is actually the one featuring penguins behaving strangely, which leads to a set of poignant existential musings. Looking forward to sharing  one of my favourite movies with you, and especially to the live meandering conversation it will hopefully spark off in the audience over popcorn and tea afterwards.

With metta,
The green mountains are always walking. (Dogen)