West London Buddhist Centre

Parinirvana Day

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  • Sun Feb 17th 2019
  • 10:30 am
  • 5:30 pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, donations welcome

Parinirvana Day is a traditional festival on which Buddhists come together to commemorate the profoundly mysterious occasion of the Buddha’s passing away. It is also a day for reflecting on impermanence and the death of loved ones.  Join us for a retreat-like day of meditation, reflection, chanting and ritual.  Please bring vegan lunch to share.

It will be a quiet morning of meditation, readings and reflection interspersed with mantra chanting. Bodhilila will give a short talk after lunch followed by an opportunity to remember Bhante. There will be a metta meditation where people can ask for the names of recently deceased to be read out and people are also invited to bring pictures of loved ones who have died to put on the shrine. Full programme below.

Parinirvana Day

10.00 Welcome and Tea

10.30 Introduction to the Day, Meditation and Shakyamuni Mantra

11.30 Tea Break

12.00 Last days of the Buddha; Readings from the Maha-Parinibhana Sutta

1.00 Shared Vegan Lunch

2.00 Reflections on Impermanence – Short talk by Bodhilila

2.30 Remembering Bhante

(Founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community and Order who died last year)

3.30 Tea Break

4.00 Special Metta Meditation remembering those who have passed away

4.45 Buddha Puja (from the Dhammapada)

5.30 End