Gentle Yoga

Published in Drop-in Yoga Studio Classes

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9.15am and Friday mornings at 11.00am
  • Booking not Required
  • Wednesday Drop-in class, £12 per session; £10 concessions
    Morning classes Low-cost Community Class £7 per session

gentle- yogaThe approach in Gentle Yoga is holistic. This class embraces different types of yoga and includes some aspects of Pilates. There will be a variety of movements to strengthen and release muscles in all parts of the body. The philosophy is to use the breath to heal and massage different organs and joints to help release toxins and tension.

There may be use of visualisation to guide students, creating a caring and reassuring environment. Classes tend to attract beginners, the mature person and students returning to the practice.

For more information please ring Rose on 07956 297941