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Weekly Lunchtime Drop-in Buddhism

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  • 8/7/17 1:10 pm
  • 8/7/17 1:55 pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, suggested donation £5

A series of introductions to some of the most fascinating areas of Buddhism presented by Ratnaprabha, followed by questions and discussion.  The current theme and schedule of topics is set out below.  Open to all.

Watch Ratnaprabha introducing this class:

Current Theme: The Tibetan Wheel of Life

The Tibetan Wheel of Life is a description of the human predicament – our repetitive habits that cause us problems, and how to deal with them.

10 January: The Circle of Life. Introduction.
17 January: The Demon of Change. Impermanence.
24 January: Our Animal Drives. The hub.
31 January: Karma – The Dark and the Light. The white and black segments.
7 February: Pain and ignorance—torment and the animals, including the Buddhas.
14 February: Addiction and attachment – the hungry ghosts.
21 February: Too Much Happiness? The devas, the jealous gods.
28 February: Are Humans the Best? The human realm.
7 March: Groping in the Dark. Nidana number 1 – ignorance.
14 March: The Potter – Making ourselves. Nidana number 2 – samskaras.
21 March: The Monkey – What Is consciousness? Nidana number 3 – consciousness.
28 March: The Boat – Is the Mind in the Body? Nidana number 4 – namarupa
4 April: The House – the Delight of the Senses? Nidana number 5 – the senses.
11 April: The Kiss – How Do We Experience? Nidana numbers 6-7 – contact and feeling.
18 April: Thirst – the Cause of Suffering Nidana number 8 – thirst.
25 April: Grasping – Hallucinating a World. Nidana number 9 – grasping.
2 May: The Bardo – Is there Rebirth? Nidana number 10-11 – Becoming and birth.
9 May: What Is Death? Nidana number 12 – death.
16 May: The Sun – the Place of the Buddha.
23 May: The Waxing Moon – Compassion and the Bodhisattva.
30 May: The Human Predicament – Reviewing the Wheel.
6 June: New Theme Starts.