Weekly Lunchtime Drop-in Buddhism

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  • 1:10 pm
  • 1:55 pm
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  • No charge, suggested donation £5

A series of introductions to some of the most fascinating areas of Buddhism presented by Ratnaprabha, followed by questions and discussion. The current theme and schedule of topics is set out below. Open to all, come any week.

Watch Ratnaprabha introducing this class:

Current Theme: The Five Faculties

The Buddha recommended that you develop certain resources to become complete as a human being and to ‘wake up’.

We will be looking at a comprehensive set of personal qualities, the five faculties. These are ways of ‘meeting’ the experience of life and of others, analogous to the physical senses.

4 October: Summarising the Mandala (concluding the previous series)

11 October: The Buddha’s teaching of five faculties.

18 October: 1. Mindfulness as the central faculty.

25 October: 2. Confidence (shraddha) and the heart.

1 November: 3. Enthusiasm (virya) – energy.

8 November: 4. Wisdom (Prajna) – insight into how things really are.

15 November: 5. Contemplation (samadhi) – meditation and unifying the mind.

22 November: The faculties as a harmonious mandala.

29 November: The faculties as a path to awakening (early Buddhism).

6 December: The faculties as a path in Mahayana Buddhism.

13 December: The faculties in everyday life.

20 December: Open session with questions and answers.

27 December: Break.

3 January: Break.

10 January: New theme begins.