Relationship Therapy

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  • Lynne Stewart
  • 07906 854673
  • Lynne Stewart

Relational therapy is all about exploring the issues which are causing you problems in your relationship with a specially trained counsellor in a safe and supportive environment.  The initial session will involve establishing what the issues are which bring you to seek help, and the following sessions are more focussed on particular areas which arise.  The type of areas a relationship therapist addresses include conflict issues, anger, affairs, communication problems, disputes over parenting and family, sexual problems, loss of a partner and numerous other concerns.  Couples and individuals also come because they have lost their loving connection and want clarity over which way to go.

Individuals may also benefit from relationship counselling because a good relationship is one of the main sources of happiness for most people.  Through exploring your relationships with a counsellor, you can learn a lot about yourself, change what needs to be changed and transform the way you relate to others.

Available at West London Buddhist Centre on Fridays, from 5pm to 9pm.


Individuals   £55

Couples       £60

(concessions available)