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Manual Therapy

Published in Touch Therapies

KatrineFree your body’s natural ability to heal itself!

For  over 25 years Katrine Cakuls has been helping people to feel better naturally. Drawing on her training in cranial osteopathy and physiotherapy, Katrine provides hands-on treatments that work to release strains in the body that may have not only a physical, but also a psycho-spiritual origin. 

With improved movement, the body can take care of itself:

-blood will flow more freely to areas, bringing nutrients to an inflamed area and taking away toxic by-products 

-nerve signals will be sent more freely, decreasing pain, and tension, as well as helping organ function

-muscles will do only the work they were designed to do, so again decreasing tension and pain

Complaints treated range from

-joint and spinal pains

-headaches and jaw pain

-organ related problems: constipation, reflux,bronchitis,insomnia,bladder irritability,ear ringing

-women’s health, including pregnancy, pelvic pain,incontinence

-children’s health: flat-head syndrome, sleep difficulties, feeding difficulties,developmental issues

-scar integration: chronic pain that is not resolving may be due to the impact of scarring from operations such as Caesarian sections, appendix removal, plastic cosmetic surgery; scar integration is a manual technique to free the mobility of the scar and how it relates to other parts of the body.