West London Buddhist Centre

New mindfulness course dates announced – and free taster THIS SATURDAY

Published on Nov 24th 2018, in News

Photo credit: Chris Horner

You might think mindfulness is all about the present moment – and in some ways, it is. But it also involves awareness of the conditions that affect our experience, and that can mean thinking in a clear, grounded way about the future. And isn’t it that time of year when the future – 2019 – is upon us almost before we even know it? So perhaps it’s not too early to consider what might support you to start the new year in as healthy, happy and fulfilling way as possible.  There are two different eight week mindfulness courses starting at WLBC in January, and if you think one of those might fit the bill, you’re welcome to come to the free mindfulness taster session on Saturday 1 December 2018 1-2pm – no need to book, just register your interest on the website.

More about mindfulness:  Sophie Crocker, WLBC’s Mindfulness Coordinator, launches into a spur-of-the-moment enquiry into the nature of mindfulness and uses it to reflect on how useful it can be to drop our agendas in favour of engaging in a more curious and open-ended dialogue with our own and others’ experience. Includes a guided meditation. Read more