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New theme at Buddhism in the City – Seven Point Mind Training

Published on Jul 13th 2018, in Blog

Our Buddhism in the City class has a focus on applying Buddhist teachings and practices to everyday life in the contemporary urban environment.  Over July and August, Yashobodhi will be exploring a traditional teaching that has very practical and immediate application to the here and now – the ‘Seven Point Mind Training’.  Here she introduces the teaching and explains something of its personal significance.

“So Yashobodhi, why is the Seven Point Mind Training such an important teaching for you?”

Yashobodhi:  “Because it means you can use everything that happens to you to practise insight and compassion:  everything, everythingthat happens is folded into the practice.  Nothing is an obstacle – it’s a really different approach to life – very different from thinking, “This has to stop and then I can practise”.  So it’s a deeply optimistic way of looking at Dharma practice…”  Watch Yashobodhi introducing her Seven Point Mind Training series: