2015 weekend retreats

13-15 March 2015 led by Jinananda and Bodhilila

Retreat at Othona in Essex

From Friday at 7pm to Sunday 3pm

Weekend retreat 13-15 March led by Jinananda and Bodhilila
Our next weekend retreat is at  Othona retreat centre by Bradwell-by -Sea in Essex. A retreat is a great opportunity to get away from the routines and stress of your everyday life, to meditate in supportive conditions and to make or deepen connections with others. The retreat starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. There will be lots of opportunities for meditating together and we will also be exploring  the Buddha’s teaching to Bahiya – ‘In the seen only the seen, in the heard only the heard, in the cognised, only the cognised etc….’ This retreat is open to anyone who knows the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices.
Othona is 5 minutes away from the sea, so you can go for walks and enjoy the wide open horizon, or if you prefer just walk in the surrounding countryside. Vegetarian food will be provided by the Othona community.

22 March 2015 led by Dhammagita

Embodying Earth

Sunday March 22nd 10.30 to 4.30
by donation

An exploration and appreciation of our body-mind’s connection with the earth element to help us be more here by becoming more grounded and at ease on the earth.

We are all children of the earth. Over time and with modern life we can easily lose contact with the support, equanimity and kindly gravity of the earth and end up living entirely in our heads. This is a day to help us get out of our heads and directly reconnect with the physical sensations of the earth element, in our bodies beneath our feet, and all around us.

Working with the body in movement and stillness we will ground ourselves, learn what letting go really feels like, and release to the kindly support of the earth. Using the firm support of the earth we can move with freedom and sit with ease and equanimity. Increased awareness of physical sensation acts as an antidote to ‘grasshopper-mind’, worry or general distraction, and can greatly increase our self-awareness and wholeness, resulting in more well-being.

Dhammagita uses a powerful synthesis of somatic practices, energy work and breathing techniques drawn from her exploration of various forms of bodywork and spiritual traditions and influenced by training with Reginald Ray. The resulting embodiment-mix is richly flavoured with her love of music, poetry, art, fun and interest in far too many things.

The day may include elements of relaxation exercises, Do-In, energy breathwork, stretching, energetic and gentle movement (sometimes to music), walking and sitting meditation and other meditative activities.

This day must be booked in advance. Numbers are limited to 20.

Some feedback from Dhammagita’s week retreats:

It was “a knockout combination” & “a fantastic mixture of depth, gravity and playfulness”. It gave people “the essential keys to unlock the body”, “the physical tools to let go” and “inspiring & provoking mental & physical stretches”. Someone who felt they had “been walking around as just a giant head for years” left feeling “freed and grounded and with a completely different sense of myself and my potential”. “It’s the reverse of ‘the invasion of the body snatchers!”

13-14 June  2015 leaders tbc

At Kench Hill in Kent.

Home pic30 October  – 1 November 2015  led by Jinananda and Bodhilila

At St Katherine Parmoor near Reading.


Booking conditions : please note that full payment is required to make your booking. Payments are non transferable but can be refunded up to 5 working days before the retreat starts (minus £20 cancellation fee).

Please either click on the ‘Book with Card/PayPal’ button above to pay online (you do not need a PayPal account), or write a cheque payable to West London Buddhist Centre and send with your booking request to:

The West London Buddhist Centre,
45a Porchester Rd, W2 5DP
(or 94 Westbourne Park Villas, W2 5EB up to 21 December 2014).

Please include your name, address, email and phone number with your booking, and how you plan to travel (we try to share lifts).

Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat Centre in Suffolk

What you need

All  food (vegetarian), bedding and meditation gear is provided at St Katherine Parmoor. Just bring towel, washbag, notebook, outdoor and indoor footwear, and loose clothing.

Other Triratna retreats

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