Sangha Day

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  • Sun Nov 12th 2017
  • 10:30 am
  • 6:00 pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, donations welcome.

Community is essential to effective Buddhist practice. It’s not only a source of support, friendship and the pleasure of the company of positive, like-minded people. In its highest form, it’s one of the three refuges at the very heart of Buddhism, alongside the Buddha and the Dharma. And – as the Buddha himself explains in the Meghiya Sutta – spiritual friendship, the lifeblood of sangha, supports and nourishes every aspect of the Dharma life.

We’ll be drawing on this text as a source of inspiration for the day, alongside opportunities to share more personal reflections on what sangha means for us in practice. Join us to explore, enjoy and celebrate the sangha at WLBC and beyond. All welcome.

10am Welcome – tea available
10.30am Meditation & readings
11.45am Tea
12noon Meditation & reflection
1pm Lunch – bring vegan lunch to share
2pm Short talks on sangha (Alex, Bodhilila, Milli, Pascual)
3pm Discussion
3.30pm Tea
4pm Meditation
5pm Sevenfold puja celebrating sangha
6pm Close

If you’re coming for only part of the day, please arrive during one of the breaks to ensure there’ll be someone available to let you in.