Something to be Dead Happy about: One man show comes to WLBC

Published on Oct 18th 2017, in News

Performance: Dead Happy
Saturday 28 October 7pm

Dead HappyHow much fun can it be to reflect on death?  Contemplation of our inescapable mortality is an important part of traditional Buddhist practice – not in a way that gets you down, but to help ensure we make the most of being alive.  Next week, WLBC plays host to an event that could be seen as an unusual, and thoroughly entertaining, approach to this aspect of Buddhism.  ‘Dead Happy’ is a one-man show, devised and performed by ordained Triratna Buddhist Order member Vidyadhara about a funeral director with a violent past.  It’s been described as a “tour-de-force…that takes you on an unforgettable journey through life, death and transfiguration.”

Join us for the ride – all welcome.  Details.