Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness for Health Courses

8 week Mindfulness for Health course

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8 Fridays afternoons from 10 April to 29 May, 2.30pm to 5.00 pm with a  day retreat on Sunday  5 July.  Next course to be announced.

Waged £250, Part waged £200, Unwaged £150

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POSTER mindfulnessMindfulness for Health is an 8 week mindfulness course from Breathworks which gives people living with pain and or stress and or illness tools to improve and transform their quality of life. Mindfulness is a state of awareness that enables us to make better choices about how we respond to our experiences even in difficult circumstances. The Breathworks approach to mindfulness is based on accepting our experience of pain, illness or stress and not reacting to it. With mindfulness we can clearly perceive thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting in an automatic or habitual way. The Mindfulness for Health course also includes a compassionate approach, which is  integrated with mindfulness from the very start.

‘Mindfulness for Health’ a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring well-being’  (the book which accompanies the course) recently won the British Medical Association award for Popular Medicine, the category in the 2014 Medical Book Awards for books aimed at the general public.

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If you have specific medical or physical needs please contact the course leaders at info@wlbc.co.uk or phone 020 7727 9382. Please note the course is not appropriate for people in the middle of a severe depressive episode. It is also not a good idea to begin the mindfulness training if there is so much going on in your life that you are unable to commit to regular attendance and regular practice for the duration of the course.

Bodhilila has been meditating for 28 years and has a well established mindfulness practice. She has supported an MBCT course at the North London Buddhist Centre and supported MBSR courses at Breathing Space  (based at the London Buddhist Centre) and she recently co-led an MBSR course for Westminster Mind.

Pascual Quiles is an accredited Breathworks teacher who started meditating and supporting  Breathworks courses many years ago in Valencia,  Spain.

An 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course

Taught by Dhammagita 8 x 2¼ hour, Tuesdays, from September 29 to November 17   3:00-5:15pm, a full day on Sunday 25 October, 11am-5pm, £250 (£200 students, unwaged, pensioners). Please read the information below; which includes booking details.

A 4 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) refresher course

Taught by Dhammagita 4 x 2¼ hour, Thursdays, from October 8 to October 29   3:00-5:15pm, a full day on Sunday 25 October, 11am-5pm, £150 (£125 students, unwaged, pensioners).  Please read the information below; which includes booking details.

More information and booking

The stress reduction course

Learn effective mindfulness-based strategies to reduce the feeling of stress in your life, help manage difficult sensations, moods and feelings. Relief from stress and anxiety enhance well-being and enable you to feel more relaxed and in charge of your life, and to live more fully and freely. Modern life can often feel difficult and overwhelming. Work pressures, anxiety, family responsibilities, difficult relationships, feeling depressed, physical problems and many other causes can result in high levels of stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the feelings and thoughts that result from these things, we can learn to manage them and change the way we react to difficulties. We can learn ways of responding to sources of stress that gives us the breathing space we need to see how to change things or manage the unchangeable with more ease. ‘Mindfulness’ is the basic tool you will learn to use — a way of knowing whatever is going on in your experience in a detailed, non-judgemental way. Strange as it may sound, by enabling you to see things in a new way, this skill changes how you feel about them. It can get you ‘unstuck’ from what seem immovable obstacles, free you from  judgement and self-criticism, and increase your emotional, mental and physical well-being. All this gives you more confidence and energy to deal with the challenges and difficulties you encounter, and more chance of feeling happier and more relaxed. This is a tried and tested course with a full syllabus. You will receive guided instruction in a variety of helpful techniques such as mindfulness meditations, beneficial movement & gentle stretching, body awareness, communication exercises and discussions about your experiences of the techniques. Once learned, the techniques can be integrated into your daily life.


Benefiting from the course requires a willingness to explore yourself and work with your habits. It needs commitment to attending and engaging with the weekly classes and the full day. You also need to be able to do a total of between 40 and 60 minutes of structured daily home practice using CDs, handouts and worksheets – this home practice is what enables you to benefit fully from the course. Asking for such commitment may seem stressful in itself, but it can also give you a feeling of real satisfaction and empowerment, and it is only by engaging in this way that you have a real chance to be free from the extremely unpleasant feelings of stress. You will be fully supported in this process by an experienced teacher who has herself known the miseries of stress and the benefits of mindfulness techniques to deal with them.

The teacher

Dhammagita is trained in the Bangor method and has been delivering MBSR courses for 4 years. She has been teaching meditation for 12 years, with increasing emphasis on the body. She has had a personal mindfulness practice for over 20 years and has found it immensely helpful for dealing with a tendency to depression and a problematic body with long-term back problems.  Dhammagita teaches with humour and kindness and enjoys helping others to live real life with more ease and happiness.

A Secular course

Although the teacher is an ordained Buddhist, the course is held at a Buddhist centre and the roots of mindfulness lie in Buddhism, the course is completely secular and is suitable for participants of any religion or none, and any cultural background. The course is limited to 14 participants. The course is based on the clinically proven MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)approach developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the US and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) developed by Segal, Williams and Teasdale in the UK, and taught by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University. MBSR/MBCT courses are recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).


Regular attendance is important, so if you know you might miss more than two classes, or the full day, please contact the teacher about it before booking. If you are not fluent in English you may not benefit fully from the course, so please speak to the teacher before booking if you are unsure about this. Please note the course is not appropriate for people in the middle of a severe depressive episode.


Please make sure you have read all the details on this page, and are happy with the ‘important’ section above and understand your commitment before booking. Book by card or PayPal using the buttons below, or get cash or a cheque to the Buddhist Centre, cheques made out to ‘West London Buddhist Centre’. Please note that full payment is required to make your booking. Payments can be refunded up to 5 working days before the course starts (minus £20 cancellation fee). There are no refunds after the course begins, but in the event of the course being cancelled you will receive a full refund.

8-week course starting September 29: 

4 week refresher Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courseimgres

Taught by Dhammagita

£150/£125 concessions

The course is for anyone who has already completed the 8 week MBSR course with Dhammagita or Karunagita (Sara Burns).

(It may be possible to attend this course if you have completed the same course somewhere else, but you will need to contact Dhammagita directly to confirm eligibility)

More information and booking

Dhammagita writes:

This course is a great opportunity to boost your mindfulness practice or simply remind yourself of things you may have forgotten. If you feel you have lost touch with your practice, remember – it’s never too late to reconnect and start again, and this course will help you do just that. We’ll be revisiting the regular practices and working with them in different ways, with different emphases, as well as learning some new practices. I would also like to look at how we can manage the modern information-overload phenomenon that can cause us extra stress, and incorporate some energy breathwork and physical movement to help us stay grounded in our bodies in this heady, digital age.

This course is also an opportunity to ask more questions & discuss things more fully. The eight week course has such a full syllabus that we can’t spend much time investigating things that come up, or going off on a tangent – however useful & relevant it may be. This course will be more spacious, so there will be opportunity to follow any useful threads that arise in discussion.

I am very open to pursuing whatever most of you are most interested in, so if there is an area you want to know more about, or find particularly difficult, please let me know and if a few people feel the same we’ll bring it into the course.

Numbers are limited to 16. Fee includes all course materials.  Please book with the button below.

4-week course starting 8 October 2015: