Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is available weekdays until 7pm at the WLBC with Vilasamani/Tim Kirkpatrick (BCST)

You can contact Vilasamani to arrange an appointment as follows:
t: 07973 309623

Here is what Vilasamani has to say about Craniosacral Therapy:

“Our bodies and minds suffer from hurts old and new, leading to chronic and acute tension. This tension makes it hard for us to be with ourselves, and thereby discover who or what it it is that we are. We forget what it is to be relaxed and open. Craniosacral therapy seeks to remind us of that sense of ease of being in our body.

“See my website for more information. I charge £50/£40 conc per appointment (50 minutes).”

Reflexology & Flower Remedy Treatments with Reiki

Manth (Samantha Beeson)

Member, Association of Reflexologists

Standard hour & Deluxe one-and-a-half or two hour treatments available in:

Reflexology with Reiki
Bach Flower Remedies
with Reiki

The treatments Manth offers are an unhurried way to access deep restorative relaxation — something we perhaps need to relearn in our society of relentless demands. When the body and mind are relaxed, at ease, we allow our natural state of being to rejuvenate and heal. The way Manth works looks to explore some of the root causes of the day-to-day dis.ease we experience. Bringing awareness to some of the emotional issues that create the patterns/habits we allow to dictate our lives. With a combination of the treatments offered, these issues can be addressed, allowing us to make conscious life choices.

We all need to give ourselves time out, the chance to let go of the trials and requests upon us. These treatments give you the chance to experience deep repose, offering better and sustaining good health.

Manth qualified in 2000 with an accredited course and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists. With post graduate courses in Reiki & the Bach Flower Remedies, further training days and much experience working on Health Retreats and in private practice, manth is well attuned to offering these treatments.

feettreat.sqCombat Stress, Reclaim Calm
Treatments cost
1hr : £40
1.5hr : £55
2hr : £70
Concessions may be available upon request

For further details, please contact manth on
07941 912 852

or email

One off treatments are available, though to fully benefit from any complementary health treatment, a series of sessions are recommended.
To encourage this Manth is happy to offer a £10 discount after every 10 treatments.