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‘Wolf at the Door’ creative writing workshop THIS WEEKEND

Published on Aug 12th 2018, in News, by Alex Crowe

Why is a Buddhist Centre offering a creative writing workshop this weekend?
(Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 August 10am-5pm)?

If you think of Buddhism as all about mindfully controlling the senses, disciplined renunciation or quietly doing nothing, it might come as a surprise. Or worse – after all, ‘Wolf at the Door’ workshops involve opening up to the wild, unpredictable ideas and impulses that live in the unconscious mind, letting them come to the surface without judgement or censorship, even if they might seem personally or socially unacceptable.

But creativity is an essential aspect of Buddhist spirituality. Creativity is what arises when we let go, at least a little, of being the person we think we are, and of the behaviours we habitually act out without awareness of their source or their consequences for ourselves and others. It’s about letting ourselves see the world afresh and letting ourselves be more than we’re used to being. It’s about growth and change. And at the heart of creative process is imagination – imagination conceived not as just thinking of things that don’t (yet) exist, but, more deeply, as a way of thinking and perceiving that is in touch with the mysteriousness, and beauty, of the transient world we live in.

As the Buddha said, all of his teaching has one flavour, the taste of freedom. True creative process has that taste. It’s about cultivating our ability to be free – which does, no doubt, require discipline; but also engaging with desire, pleasure and even wildness. If you’re interested in how a creative writing workshop might help with those things, check out some of these links and blog posts:
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