Yoga classes


Progressive and safe, with expert guidance for beginners and all levels

Yoga schedule at the WLBC
910:30   Ying
 Monday afternoons 56:15   Leslie
 Tuesday 9:30–11  Rose
 Tuesday mid-mornings
11:30-12:45  Shepali
9:30–11   Ying
 Thursday 9:30–11  Rose
 Friday 9:3011  Rose
9–10:30  Ying

Vinyasa class with Shepali

Tuesday mornings, 11:30-12:45.

Waken up your joints, stretch your muscles and twist into shape.  Come along and try this Vinyasa style yoga.  Suitable for beginners and intermediate, £5 introductory price. Ring Shepali on 07958 250990 before you attend for more details.

Gentle Yoga Class with Rose

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:30. 

£7 per session, £45 for 8 classes.  Karuna and Iyengar based. Breathing, expansion of lungs, arthritic exercises and basic postures.  Beginners, stiff-jointed and elderly people welcome.  For more information please ring Rose on 07956 297941 or 0207 3139828.

Yin Yoga with energy healing 

Monday evening 5–6:15 pm with Leslie Saglio.  

£14 per drop-in class, £60 for 5 classes. Yin is a deep, mindful and meditative practice, that involves resting in simple, accessible postures for an extended period of time. Energetically, Yin helps regulate the energy flow, enhancing the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy), in the body. It is the perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (Yang) styles of yoga. Yin yoga targets deeper tissues such as the ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body including the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Energy healing brings a deep experience of peace and calm, working in the energy field of the body as well as the physical body. It works on many levels: physical, emotional and mental. When we are relaxed we become more balanced with more energy and are able to restore our bodies natural healing abilities, while improving and maintaining health. The small and intimate group classes are suitable for all levels.

Leslie Saglio is a certified Yoga Alliance UK teacher and Reiki practitioner. For more information please contact her on 078 2471 8200, or visit her website

Hatha Yoga with Ying

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday mornings.
Hatha Yoga is a life practice which ensures the evolution of the human individual. We initially use simple, set forms derived from the natural and human worlds, leading to sequential development of asana (posture) linked by vinyasa (fluid movement of body and breath). This culminates in the inner stability embodied in inverted postures and upright sitting, and the practical experience of meditation. The small-group classes are suitable and very safe for all including beginners; personal adaptations are made where required. For more information on the Hatha Yoga classes, phone Ying on 07917 770478. Drop-in classes, £15 per session; Eight classes £100, pay at the class. Mornings are traditionally the best time for the practice of Hatha Yoga, so our classes are generally offered in the mornings. Our intention is to strongly encourage anyone to attend classes and to develop a personal practice, giving a minimum of three yoga sessions per week, ensuring steady and substantive ongoing development.  See below for full details of the course.

Ying’s Course Details

Tuition costs are payable in cash before starting the first session, if not previously paid. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable except by arrangement. It is best to arrive promptly so that you are rested before you begin. It is best to avoid eating or drinking before, during or immediately after class (you need four hours to digest a full meal). You need loose or stretchable clothing. Practice is barefoot, and preferably with at least hands and feet freshly-washed. If you perspire profusely, bring a towel. Advise your instructor in instances of sickness, injury or unusual stress, and contact before missing any planned sessions; If necessary you will be given a different practice to best relieve or manage your condition. Session times and tutors may sometimes be subject to alteration as necessary. All expert professional care is taken, and your practice is naturally undertaken at your own risk.