Awareness and Energy: A yoga retreat day with Marina

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  • Sun Nov 5th 2017
  • 10:00 am
  • 4:00 pm
  • Booking required
  • £60/ £45 concs


This day retreat will focus on how to take charge of our mind with awareness and how to generate energy, heat and, through heat, in the winter months, how to relax our body and our mind.

We shall explore how alignment, breathing, and movement can be practiced with maximum awareness, how this can help generate energy in our bodies and in our minds. When we act without awareness – we are like sleepwalkers. We just act on the strongest impulse – our mind controls us. However, when we act with awareness, we are in control of our mind. Our senses become clear, and they can perceive better, see better, think better, hear better. The secret of awareness is to watch everything that is going on in the body and mind – as a witness.

Poses will be held and explained in detail. Vinyasa sequences will be included to synchronize movement and breath and to transition between sustained poses.

Some time will be spent to reflect on how yoga can help us find calm and unclutter our minds. Participants will be encouraged to ponder on what can be taken away from the mat to be incorporated in everyday life.

On the mat/off the mat: we will reflect on how yoga gives us awareness of our bodies, of pain and discomfort, but also of ways in which we can overcome pain and discomfort. With awareness comes enhanced energy. Yoga maintains and energizes the body. Yoga asanas contribute towards physical well-being. Yoga postures, done with full awareness, lead us to a relaxed state of mind. The energy produced by awareness, relaxation and strength produce heat and the body relaxes. In a relaxed and steady posture, we can feel ease through expansion. The practice in this day retreat will help us become aware of our body, including pains or discomfort. It will be possible to release the pain by creating energy and relaxation, warming the body and taking the attention to the discomfort.

About Marina

Marina is a long-time yoga practitioner, a teacher, and a graduate of Yogacampus. She first encountered Iyengar yoga whilst working as an academic in the arts. She continued practicing Hatha Yoga throughout her career as an art curator, increasingly finding connections between her professional endeavours and yoga. Thanks to her engagement in the field of art&science, Marina enjoys applying an individually focused analysis of body/mind perception and movement in space. Her current focus, through the practice of yoga, is on the acquisition of personal insights to help with life’s challenges. Her teaching incorporates elements to help with personal affirmation and conflict resolution, skills that are crucial to our inner balance and wellbeing but often overlooked in our daily lives.



Marina Wallace


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