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Dharma Day 2021

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  • Sun Jul 18th 2021
  • 10:30 am
  • 4:00 pm
  • Booking not required
  • Suggested donation £15

Whatever practices you find conduce to peace of mind, conduce to purity, to
seclusion, to fewness of desires, contentment, insight and wisdom, detachment
from the world, undestanding of the transcendental – whatever you find in your
experience conduces to these ends, take that as my Dharma, take that as my
teaching. – Vinaya


Join us for a celebration of the great Buddhist Festival of Dharma Day. This is an opportunity to focus our attention on the gift of the Buddha’s teaching, to look at its significance in our lives and its significance for the world, with gratitude in our hearts. Through a series of short talks,readings, reflection, meditation, ritual and mantra we will explore the Buddha’s initial hesitation in teaching and then the great ocean of riches that ensued as a result of his decision to communicate his experience of Enlightenment and his intructions on how we might follow in his footsteps.


10.30 Welcome
– Buddha as Teacher – Talk from Bodhilila
– Readings/Reflection & Meditation
– What is the Dharma? – Talk from Ratnadeva
– Meditation & Mantra

12.30 Lunchbreak

– Meditation
– Dharma in our Lives – Talk from Bodhilila
– Reflection & Breakout Groups
– Ritual

16.00 Conclusion


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Ratnadeva and Bodhilila

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**From 19 July 2021 we will continue Covid protocols of social distancing and masks (unless exempt) at the centre as previously published.