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Mindfulness Workshops: Awareness, Compassionate Acceptance, Connection

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  • Sat Feb 15th 2020
  • 2:00 pm
  • 5:00 pm
  • Booking required
  • £30 Full waged / £20 Part waged / £10 Unwaged

This series of three half-day workshops will give you a flavour of the Breathworks approach to mindfulness and compassion.

Workshop 1: Awareness (15 February)

An introduction to mindfulness as a helpful approach to life. We will start building a foundation of mindfulness of body, emotions and thoughts through meditation practices such as the body scan, breathing anchor and mindful movement.

Workshop 2: Compassionate Acceptance (20 June)

This workshop builds on the foundations of mindfulness. Having built a ‘bigger container’ to hold all of our experience, we can begin to touch on the more difficult aspects of our experience but also seek and treasure the pleasant and perhaps more subtle aspects too. We will be introduced to practices that help us to cultivate compassionate self-acceptance and wonder.

Workshop 3: Connection (24 October)

Dwelling in a broader perspecitve we can open up a sense of love, kindness and connection with ourselves and others. We will look at ways that we can use mindfulness to engage with our lives with greater choice and freedom.

These workshops are suitable for beginners interested in or new to mindfulness and can serve as a good introduction for an 8-week Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress or Mindfulness for Health courses. If you have already done a course or have some experience in mindfulness, they can be a good way to refresh your practice. Though the workshops are designed as a progressive series, each can be enjoyed as a stand alone session.

The West London Buddhist Centre and Breathworks CIC have been working in partnership to offer secular mindfulness courses for people with long-term health conditions, chronic pain, and stress in London since 2016. In 2019, the Centre was recognised as the first Breathworks ‘Centre of Excellence’. Last year the Centre was listed in the Evening Standard as offering one of the ‘best mindfulness courses in London’ to boost happiness.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: *7/5/2020* We will remain closed at least until 31 May. We have a weekly programme online with some of our most familiar classes and faces – sign up to our newsletter for access. See you there!