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Online Poetry Appreciation Group

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  • Sun Oct 18th 2020
  • 11:00 am
  • 12:30 pm
  • Booking N/A

This is a group to enjoy and discuss poetry. All are welcome whether you’ve read everything from Homer to Heaney or know almost nothing about the subject. Please note that this is not a writing group.

The idea is simply to read some poems together and share any responses and reflections we might have, whatever our level of knowledge. Each month attendees will be invited to contribute favourite published poems, contemporary or classic, from any culture, that they would like the group to discuss.

The meetings will be conducted by Zoom. If you wish to join the group on any of the Sundays above, please email Dharmavadana at dharmavadana@gmail.com by the end of the previous Sunday, e.g. 10th May for the meeting on 17th May. He will send you an invitation to the meeting, with further information about how it will proceed. He will ask you to send him a poem in time for him to put together a ‘handout’ of everyone’s submitted poems, which he will then send out to all participants in advance of the class. This is why you need to give one week’s notice of wishing to join each meeting.

Please also note that due to the nature of the group, the number of participants at each meeting will be capped at 14.

Dharmavadana is the poetry editor of the Buddhist arts magazine Urthona, leads Wolf at the Door writing workshops and is a published poet. As a former librarian, he also has many years’ experience of conducting reading groups.


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