West London Buddhist Centre

Sangha Day (in-person)

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  • Sun Nov 21st 2021
  • 10:30 am
  • 4:30 pm
  • Booking not required

Join us for a celebration of the Buddhist Festival of Sangha Day. This is an opportunity to focus our attention on the gift of community, to look at its significance in our lives and for the world, with gratitude in our hearts. Through a series of short talks, readings, reflection, meditation, ritual and mantra we will explore the role of Sangha in our lives, supporting us on our path of growth and connection. During the afternoon Puja there will be mitra reaffirmation ceremonies – an opportunity for Mitras to celebrate having taken this step.


10.30   Welcome and Introduction to the day

10.45   Mantra and meditation

11.25   Tea break

11.50   Readings

12.20   Talk on Sangha

12.45   Lunch Break

14.00   Recap followed by three talks on ‘My experience of Sangha’ 

14.50   Open sharing

15.05   Tea break

15.30   Puja with Mitra reaffirmations

16.30   Conclusion

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