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Retreat Calendar 2020 – bookings OPEN

Published on Jan 22nd 2020, in News

We are delighted to announce our retreat calendar for 2020!

Going on retreat is one of the most powerful of Buddhist practices – taking time and space, surrounded by nature, to let go of the pressures of daily life and allow the mind naturally to relax and open. There will be a simple programme of meditation, study/discussion groups and devotional practice, with plenty of time to do nothing, go for walks or hang out together.

Our weekend retreats are suitable for all levels (with the exception of the Order/Mitra weekend in February) and are a good entry point if you are new to meditation or want to explore the practices a bit more. Our ‘Going Deeper’ retreats are the longest and most intensive in our programme and are open to anyone who has a basic understanding of Buddhism (eg from an Introduction to Buddhism course), and has already learnt to meditate.

We want to make retreats as accessible as possible and offer a limited amount of bursary places on all our retreats. Please contact the Centre if you would like to apply for a bursary or have any questions about any of our retreats. You can also view the full calendar here with links to bookings and payment.

Retreats 2020

7 – 9 February, Rivendell, Order/Mitra Weekend Retreat
led by Bodhilila & Ratnadeva
waged £195 /part-waged £170 /unwaged £140

20 – 22 March, Othona, Weekend Retreat
led by Bodhilila, Ratnadeva & Prajnanita
waged £195 /part-waged £170 /unwaged £140

27 April – 1 May, Vajrasana, Going Deeper Midweek Retreat
led by Paramananda, Bodhilila & Sudurjaya
waged £295 /part-waged £260 /unwaged £220

3 – 5 July, Vajrasana, Weekend Retreat with West London Buddhist Centre & NLBC Sanghas
led by Bodhilila & Ratnaprabha, waged £195 /part-waged £170 /unwaged £140

3 – 5 July, Vajrasana, Weekend Retreat with West London Buddhist Centre & NLBC sanghas
led by Bodhilila & Ratnaprabha

waged £195 /part-waged £170 /unwaged £140

25 – 27 September, Othona, Weekend Retreat
led by Prajnanita & Ratnadeva & Dharmavadana
waged £195 /part-waged £170 /unwaged £140

16 – 20 November, Vajrasana, Going Deeper Midweek Retreat
led by Bodhilila, Sudurjaya & Dharmavadana
waged £295 /part-waged £260 /unwaged £220

25 December – 1 January, City Retreat at the WLBC (non-residential)
led by Bodhilila, Sudurjaya, Prajnanita (Paramananda tbc)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: *6/7/2020* The Centre will remain closed to the public until the end of September. We have an online programme of classes, retreats and courses. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest.