West London Buddhist Centre

Sangha Day festival on 18 November

Published on Nov 3rd 2018, in News

Sangha Day is an annual festival day on which we celebrate the significance of friendship and community in Buddhist practice. And their significance is crucial: as the Buddha famously and strikingly remarked, ‘friendship is the whole of the spiritual life’. Actively creating community, conceived as a network of positive, supportive relationships oriented around growth and development, is a large part of what WLBC is about.

The Sangha Day festival is an opportunity to discover more about why relationship is so important in Buddhism, and what a colourful and joyful occasion a Buddhist festival can be – especially if you tend to think of Buddhism only as a solitary, introverted and rather serious path. And if you enjoy a nice slice vegan cake, so much the better…

Check out the full programme for the day here – everyone’s welcome.