West London Buddhist Centre

Valentina Picchi

Published in Yoga & Qigong Teachers

Valentina started practicing yoga more than 4 years ago, and felt that there was more than just physical movement and posturing behind the ancient practise.
Coincidentally she met two of the most known teachers in the Ashtanga world, Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor, in August 2018 and found her true calling in traditional Ashtanga Yoga.
” To me, yoga is a discovery of who we really are, which is other than the physical forms of the outside world, and live as our true selves in peace and pure awareness.”
In November 2018 Valentina had the pleasure to attend a 10 day Vipassana Meditation course in the countryside which Valentina says “totally changed my life, again as I finally found my home through both meditation and asana practice.  I am at the service of Yoga every day, to help others to find their way home.”
Ashtanga Yoga: 5.15-6.30pm