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Qigong and Intensive Relaxation: Discover the Path of Relaxation

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  • Sat Sep 12th 2015
  • 2:00 pm
  • 4:30 pm
  • Booking Required
  • £25 or £20 concession

Zhineng Qigong is a Chinese non-diagnostic health training system. It involves a meditative training in active relaxation during both movement and stillness in order to reduce unnecessary mental and physical effort. This leads to increasing health and power.

During the workshop you will learn how to relax correctly using standing, sitting and reclining postures, plus some easy to practice methods. These include ‘improving the upper and lower spine’, ‘La Qi energy accumulation’ to help us get a feeling of chi, and ‘arm swinging’ to aid relaxation. I will also introduce qigong standing and walking meditation to take things deeper, and go into the Gears of Relaxation, and Qigong healing. I will also teach one to one to help each individual find a suitable level for their own practice and to correct posture. The aim of these methods is the ever increasing cultivation of awareness, relaxation and enjoyment. Unifying these three qualities will naturally guide us towards deeply satisfying relaxation and well-being.

About his book “The Relaxation Principle”


“The Relaxation Principle”, Patrick Baigent, 2015.

Relaxation fundamentally involves reducing unnecessary effort. This is a core working principle we can make use of in any path of development. Patrick Baigent (Vimokshadaka) explores how this principle works in Buddhism, meditation and training methods such as Qigong. The reduction of unnecessary effort is combined with mindfulness to become ‘the direct path’ of relaxation. 

The Path of Relaxation offers a radical new understanding of relaxation and proposes a new Buddhism and Qigong informed model of relaxation training. Discover the five orders of relaxation, the six gears of relaxation, why meditation is a health training, how meditation becomes a psychological therapy, the direct and indirect methods of relaxation, what tension and trauma may mean for meditation, and also many other hidden aspects of relaxation. Discover how to apply the relaxation principle in your own path and training.

Patrick Baigent (Vimokshadaka)


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