Lunchtime Meditation

Published in Drop-in Meditation classes

  • Mon - Fri
  • 1:00 pm
  • 2:00 pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, suggested donation £5

Every weekday lunchtime this meditation class offers time, space and support to pause in the midst of the day to relax and experience ourselves more deeply.  If you’re new to meditation, it’s a great place to start and beginners are very welcome; and equally, many people who already meditate find it supportive of their practice.

In each class we teach one of two powerful and fundamental meditation practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing or the Metta Bhavana (Development of Loving Kindness).   (On Fridays we usually teach the Metta Bhavana.)  If everyone at the class is already familiar with these practices then there may be less teaching, and we generally sit for longer, taking the opportunity to simply meditate with others in supportive conditions.  After the class you can usually stay in the shrine room and continue to meditate, or you’re welcome stay for tea and a chat with the class leader or other class participants.

Please note that the class on Friday 19 January will not take place because of a funeral being held at the Centre.

usually Abhayadevi (Monday), Tarakarunya (Tuesday), Vilasamani (Wednesday), Mitrananda (Thursday) and Viramati (Friday).