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Awarenessis revolutionary

— Sangharakshita

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We have moved our programme online. Please see the weekly ‘highlights’ section below or see the full calendar.

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Our Bodies Break Light: An Online Meditation Retreat Sunday 7 February – Saturday 13 February


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Precious Jewel Appeal – Keep the West London Buddhist Centre Shining

  • We’ve launched the Precious Jewel Appeal to raise £50,000 by mid-March 2021. To donate to the appeal and for more information please click on the ‘Precious Jewel Appeal’ link above to be taken to a separate page.

Upcoming Events

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We host a wide variety of events, courses, and retreats as well as regular drop-in classes.

  1. Buddhism in the City Online

    Saturday 23rd January at 10:30 am

    23 Jan

  2. Meditation Club Online

    Sunday 24th January at 10:30 am

    24 Jan

  3. People of Colour Meditation Space

    Sunday 24th January at 4:00 pm

    24 Jan

  4. Dharma Night Online

    Tuesday 26th January at 7:00 pm

    26 Jan

  5. Meditation Space Online

    Thursday 28th January at 7:00 pm

    28 Jan

  6. 29 Jan

Our Teachers

The WLBC has a talented and varied teachers team. Our meditation teachers are all thoroughly rooted in many years of Buddhist and meditative practice and are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Although each teacher has a different style, they are all very friendly and welcome people from various backgrounds and levels of experience.

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News & Blog

  • Mitrananda

    Mitrananda has practised as a Buddhist for 30 years. In 1999 he was ordained into the...

  • Amlanadhi

    Amlanadhi was ordained in 2011 whilst working at Windhorse Trading, a Buddhist ‘right livelihood’ business, in...

  • Dharmavadana

    Dharmavadana has been active around the West London Buddhist Centre since 1991, working in a right...

  • Sahananda

    Sahananda has meditated and practised Buddhism most of his adult life, and has been ordained since...

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Centre is closed to the public until further notice and we have moved our events online. Sign up to our weekly newsletter for the latest, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.