West London Buddhist Centre

Awarenessis revolutionary

— Sangharakshita

West London Buddhist Centre

Welcome to Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness in the heart of West London.

Upcoming events include Buddha Day festival,  our next Breathworks-accredited Mindfulness for Stress course, our weekly Dharma Night (with Amalavajra), fortnightly Friday devotional evening, the monthly People of Colour online space, chanting and meditation session and drop-in meditation Monday-Thursday and Saturday as well as yoga (online and in person) for everyone. Please see the calendar for details and more.

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Upcoming Events

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We host a wide variety of events, courses, and retreats as well as regular drop-in classes.

  1. Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

    Thursday 30th May at 1:30 pm

    30 May

  2. Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

    Thursday 6th June at 1:30 pm

    06 Jun

  3. 06 Jun

  4. 08 Jun

  5. Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

    Thursday 13th June at 1:30 pm

    13 Jun

  6. 13 Jun

Our Teachers

The WLBC has a talented and varied teachers team. Our meditation teachers are all thoroughly rooted in many years of Buddhist and meditative practice and are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Although each teacher has a different style, they are all very friendly and welcome people from various backgrounds and levels of experience.

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News & Blog

  • Tarakarunya

    Tarakarunya was ordained in 2001. She became an anagarika in 2004 by taking an extra vow...

  • Yashobodhi

    Yashobodhi (Lucia van der Drift) is involved in teaching and befriending in our sangha. She is...

  • Dharmavadana

    Dharmavadana has been active with the West London Buddhist Centre since 1991, supporting and teaching classes,...

  • Sahananda

    Sahananda has meditated and practised Buddhism most of his adult life, and has been ordained since...

Unravel the roots of anxiety and stress with our Breathworks’ Mindfulness for Stress 8-week course. More info here. Book here.