West London Buddhist Centre

Mindfulness courses at WLBC

Published on Mar 2nd 2018, in News

Mindfulness is at the foundation of all Buddhist practice, and an essential part of the Buddha’s original teaching.  But you don’t have to be a Buddhist to learn it or to benefit from it in your life, and it’s just as applicable in this day and age as it was in the Buddha’s time.

Mindfulness is for everyone, and all of us can benefit from the greater awareness that it brings of ourselves, other people and our surroundings.  There’s also now strong research evidence that it can help people with a range of common difficulties, such as pain, stress, and a variety of physical and mental health conditions.

This month sees two mindfulness courses starting at WLBC.  They’re designed to be accessible to non-Buddhists and newcomers – though long-standing Buddhist meditators who try them often say they very much value them:
Mindfulness for Stress – Eight Monday evenings 5 March – 30 April 7-9.30pm
Mindfulness for Health – Eight Wednesday evenings 14 March – 2 May 7-9.30pm

As with all our mindfulness courses, these are being offered by our partner Breathworks, one of the leading mindfulness organisations in the UK, well recognised for running carefully developed courses led by fully qualified teachers.  Further details here – including dates for further courses in future.