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Ain’t no mountain low enough

Published on Jan 26th 2024, in Blog

Do you feel like life is climbing one mountain after another? Me too sometimes. But yesterday I was reminded that not all mountains are the same. Some can be technically difficult, some can take a lot of time to ascend alone or with others, some are mountains I just want to avoid but there’s only one road forward – and that is over them. This last one was doing my taxes (ugh!) and writing a difficult email. [Apologies to those out there who enjoy doing taxes.]

But having surmounted that mountain (yes, taxes are submitted and email sent), I felt lighter and brighter. Like celebrating even. This morning, I awoke feeling quite playful.

So after conquering each mountain, whatever it is, let us rejoice and celebrate. Not just focus on the next mountain and get caught up in that energy of challenge or struggle. Stop and take the time to appreciate what we have done, feel what the body might be like now – dance a little (or a lot), sing silly songs, tell a friend what you’ve done and how you feel. Do whatever reminds you that you did it. It doesn’t have to be huge or complicated. What’s valuable to remember is that it is not impossible.

Because this rejoicing, this little party will resource us for navigating the next mountain (or valley), be something we can lean back into when facing another ascent. Nourish yourself with a good ole hurrah!

with a bow
from WLBC Newsletter 25 Jan 2024

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