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Cooking with love

Published on Apr 18th 2019, in Blog

Dear WLBC Sangha,
It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and as a mother I am deeply grateful for the village that supports my little one. I’ll be bringing my six year old son Liam into the circle of loving kindness at the West London Buddhist Centre once again on Sunday 28th April 2019 – for Paramananda’s special meditation day, fundraising for Liam’s physiotherapy.  I’ll also be cooking with love, the tastiest lunch I can for everyone who comes along.
We have a mala of Paramananda’s in our family home, that Paramananda gave me in the Royal London Hospital in 2013, for protection of my son Liam, (a few days old at the time), who’d had a particularly tough arrival into this world. The other day Liam picked up this mala and said to me, “I want to wear this necklace.”  Liam doesn’t yet quite know the whole story about why Paramananda lent us the mala’s protection – but it is beautiful to see he feels a connection with the beads.  Paramananda has been a wise and compassionate teacher and friend to me for a long time, and because of his annual meditation days for Liam over the past six years, my family has had such a genuine feeling of being held in mind, buoyed up and supported by people in the Sangha.  Thank you so much to you all, your kindness makes such a real impact in our lives.
With metta and gratitude, Catherine

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