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Everyday Mindfulness

Published on May 5th 2021, in Blog

Having a clear area of engagement

Having a clear area of engagement is part of the primary structure and principle of mindfulness meditation. In the meditation on the body and the breath the clear area of engagement is staying with the experience of the body and the breath, noticing when the mind wanders and coming back. You might also choose other things which are part of that process like a sense of spaciousness , being relaxed and kind.

Everyday mindfulness

You can ask yourself the question all through the day ‘what is my primary area of engagement or project for now?’. It might be quite complex with many aspects to it like with a meeting. Mindfulness is not just about the specific focus on the agenda, because that is just part of a bigger area of mindfulness which takes in the whole context of such things such as timing, the general topic, how things land with you and the people involved in it. Aim to have a clear area of engagement and awareness in whatever you do.



Vajradaka is one of the most experienced meditation teachers in Triratna and is continuously developing fresh approaches to maintaining and developing a vibrant meditation practice. He is known for easy to relate to ways of teaching which come across as clear, practical and relevant. He is a regular guest teacher on Dharma Night.