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Exciting partnership with Gunnersbury Park and Museum

Published on Feb 24th 2020, in News

The West London Buddhist Centre is putting on 2 exciting events on behalf of Gunnersbury Park and Museum this March – a Mindful Activity Day for Adults on 7 Saturday March and a Family Wellbeing Activity Afternoon on Sunday 15 March. During both events there will be a variety of mindful activities and workshops led by teachers from the West London Buddhist Centre community.

On the activity day for adults, Yashobodhi will be leading museum based workshops and Karen Liebenguth (from our secular mindfulness team) will lead mindful walks in the park connecting with nature and the senses. Bodhilila and Ratnadeva will lead meditation classes and Maymay Knight will lead some Mindful Yoga and Qigong sessions.

On the family event, Hannah Peaty will be leading ‘Drawing Attention to Nature’ workshops in the park, the Limina Collective will be leading mini-mindfulness workshops in the museum and Mary Louise Morris will lead 3 workshops for different age groups with a focus on mindful movement and the senses.

See below for a full list of activities and information about the facilitators. All the events can be booked via the Gunnersbury Park and Museum Eventbrite listings.

Mindful Activity Day for Adults

10am – 4pm Saturday 7 March

A Mindful Walk around the Park

11.30 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 15.30 (90 mins)
Led by Karen Liebenguth
We can all get a bit overwhelmed by life sometimes, but spending time outdoors, in gardens and nature, can offer valuable ways of slowing down and making the most of being in the present moment. Taking a walk in a natural setting like the beautiful Gunnersbury Park, has crucial restorative and rejuvenating qualities.
If you can walk ‘mindfully’ you will be amazed how much more such a walk will offer you. Mindfulness teacher & coach Karen Liebenguth will help you experience how a ‘mindful walk’ is different from a normal walk, how it can benefit you and explain what mindfulness actually is.

Mindfulness in the Museum

11.30 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 15.30 (90 mins)
Led by Lucia Van Der Drift
This workshop starts with a short introduction to mindfulness, followed by a guided meditation exercise to prepare mind and senses for a mindful tour around the museum. Focusing on selected objects, we will introduce mindfulness techniques to enhance and deepen our experience of looking and being present in the spaces of the museum. The session finishes with an opportunity to discuss impressions and a short period of reflection on our experience.


11.00 and 14.00 (45 mins)
Led by Maymay Knight
Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise to improve health and well-being, practised regularly by millions of people in China and around the world. The taster will consist of slow, flowing movements, simple breathing exercises and meditation which all help to reduce stress, improve mobility, ease mental tension and bring balance.
Qigong is suitable for all, and is accessible for older people and people with limited mobility.

Mindful Yoga

12.00 and 15.00 (45 mins)
Led by Maymay Knight
Mindful Yoga brings together elements of Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga, woven together with mindfulness practice. The taster will include a mixture of gentle and active yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. Mindful yoga offers us an opportunity to slow down, breathe more generously, release tension and stress, and to reconnect with ourselves, our bodies and our aliveness. Absolute beginners are very welcome, and you do not need to be fit or flexible to take part. (Please wear comfortable clothes you feel free to move in).

Meditation classes

(45 mins)
Each session will introduce you to the benefits of meditation and lead you through a particular meditation practice. All the meditations will include some awareness of the body and breath and explore ways of working with our busy, distracted minds helping us to become more grounded and calm. (Chairs will be available for these meditation sessions).
Led by Bodhilila Young

10.30 Mindfulness of Breathing meditation
11.30 Mindfulness of Sounds meditation
12.30 Body Awareness meditation

Led by Ratnadeva Quigley
14.00 Mindfulness of Breathing meditation
15.00 Kindness meditation


Family Wellbeing Activity Afternoon

1 – 4pm Sunday 15 March

Drawing Attention to Nature

13.00, 14.00 & 15.00 (45 mins)
(6+ ) Price £4
Led by Hannah Peaty
During this workshop children will be introduced to mindfulness through creative exploration. They will explore the art of paying attention through a range of short drawing activities while connecting with their senses in the natural environment of Gunnersbury Park.

Mini Mindfulness

13:00-14:15, 14:30-15:45 (75 mins)
(5+) Price £5
Led by the Limina Collective, specialists in museum mindfulness.
Take a breath, slow down, and notice the sights and sounds around you in this mindfulness workshop for all the family. You’ll be guided in playful mindfulness activities in response to museum objects, through drawing, colour and sound. You can also choose to take part in a simple meditation session. Join us to delight in being curious together.


13.00 (45 mins)
(5-7 years) Price £4
Led by Mary Louise Morris
In Alphabreaths children will explore the basics of mindfulness through a series of playful breathing exercises linked to the alphabet (e.g. Mountain Breath will connect them with nature, while Heart Breath will help them remember to fill their heart with gratitude and send good wishes to others). The workshop also includes an imaginative activity, moving around like animals while learning how to pause and listen to the mindfulness bell.

Coming to our senses

14.00 (45 mins)
(8-11yrs) Price £4
Led by Mary Louise Morris
Our senses can be our best friend when it comes to mindfulness, they help us to bring our attention into the present moment and to increase our enjoyment of life.
Experiment with: Guessing smells, identifying sounds, and touching different textures.
Children will also learn and be given their own Happiness Stones and shown how to charge them up with happy thoughts.

Mindful Movement

15.00 (45 mins)
(11-14yrs) Price £4
Led by Mary Louise Morris
This workshop helps young people to attune to their bodies using gentle and playful movements. Presented as a series of games or challenges, young people will learn how movement can be a way to bring the mind into the present moment and help focus the mind. They will learn how the body and mind are connected, and how everyday activities like walking can be a way to calm the mind.The workshop includes balancing and yoga stretches and will end with some relaxing belly breathing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: *20/3/2020* While the Centre is closed we will have a weekly programme online with some of our most familiar classes and faces! For news and updates click here.