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Grist to the mill

Published on Apr 10th 2019, in Blog

For the past two Sangha Nights we’ve been fortunate to have Vajradaka teaching us mindfulness meditation. He comes with a wide range and depth of experience of teaching the Dharma and mindfulness meditation and this shows through in his unique style – genial and experiential, mingling instruction, example and anecdote. His instruction is interspersed with short led practice sessions to illustrate and explore the practical points. I’m enjoying Vajradaka’s creative use of language to communicate the intricacies of good practice, which avoids the use of jargon. I’m also appreciating his use of imagination to open windows onto our connection with the body. Let’s see what windows open at the final session on Tuesday 16 April.

Meanwhile, as promised last night, Vajradaka has sent some links to short videos he has made on some of the topics that he has been covering in the recent Sangha nights. Enjoy! Ratnadeva

The question of whether we are here or away: https://youtu.be/h_Z2ezdDKHE

The awareness which just takes in what is happening – Receptive awareness: https://youtu.be/TesOA7-ZYHI

The use of metaphor to come into an absorbed state of mind in meditation: https://youtu.be/9UcUp5iTuhQ

Exploring qualities of meditation: https://youtu.be/5SKKBSXgpVA

Drinking tea, sitting, quiet – ahhh. This Saturday enjoy Zen tea. More info here. Book here.