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Mindfulness and Resilience

Published on May 21st 2021, in Blog


An aspect of intentionality is that you can decide to bring certain qualities into your awareness. There are three qualities which are very useful when you feel some sort of physical pain or a difficult situation.


The experience of being expansive in meditation comes from the wide angle awareness of the lens analogy. Having wide angle awareness in meditation helps you to be at ease and relaxed with experiencing discomfort or pain. The wide angle awareness of the meditations quite naturally helps you to develop the sense of openness and expansiveness which allows you to be at ease with whatever is happening.


In mindfulness generally and in the meditations particularly relaxation comes out of noticing that you’re tight or held in your body and consciously softening and loosening it.


The third quality is confidence in your process of taking care of yourself. Periodically in meditation consciously bring in the quality of caring for your health and well being.


Vajradaka is one of the most experienced meditation teachers in Triratna and is continuously developing fresh approaches to maintaining and developing a vibrant meditation practice. He is known for easy to relate to ways of teaching which come across as clear, practical and relevant. He is a regular guest teacher on Dharma Night.