West London Buddhist Centre

Charlie Merton

Published in Yoga & Qigong Teachers

Charlie’s yoga journey and indeed  spiritual journey is one of lifelong learning, never-ending lessons, embracing the challenges and learning to sing in the rain. She has a deeply-rooted motivation to help others and to help them develop the tools they need to achieve inner balance and unity of mind, body and spirit, thus ensuring their well-being in all aspects of life, even when the challenges of the world weigh them down heavily (as they do on us all).

Charlie has nurtured this drive by working in the Special Needs Sector of an Education recruitment business for 7 years, however she has always maintained a firm foundation of spiritual work in her private life and dedicated time to healing others through her yoga and healing practices. Charlie now teaches yoga full-time alongside running her healing practice and has  completed a  Masters degree in Music Therapy.

Doing a gong bath with Charlie is an unforgettable experience!


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