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Rose Goveia

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Rose Goveia

Rose became interested in yoga when she arrived in England in her late twenties and discovered yoga can release tension . She grew passionate about the practice when she realised that her bronchial and joint conditions improved dramatically. It gave her increased strength to cope with life’s challenges.

Wanting to share her experience with others she did a training course with Ruth White and began to teach at the West London Buddhist Centre which she found to be a very supportive community. Increasingly she became aware of the link between Yoga and meditation through the breath.Rose’s approach is holistic. She embraces different types of yoga and includes some aspects of Pilates. Her class consists of a variety of movements to strengthen and release muscles in all parts of the body. Her philosophy is to use the breath to heal and massage different organs and joints. Detoxifying ‘twists’ help release toxins and tension. She individually adjusts and uses visualisation to guide students, creating a caring and reassuring environment. Her classes tend to attract beginners, the mature person and students returning to the practice.



Gentle Yoga: 11-12.30pm

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