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Online Retreat: Our Bodies Break Light

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 Day 3

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Resources for Day 3:

 ‘Meditation is not about satisfaction of the ego sense.


Tuesday 8am

Welcome to Day 3

Salute to the Three Jewels


45 min unled meditation with bells marking 5 stages.




This very body that we have,
That’s sitting here right now…
With it’s aches and pleasures
Is exactly what we need to be
fully human, fully awake, fully alive.
Pema Chodron


Tuesday 10.30am

Talk by Bodhilila

Amitabha Mantra

Long lying down body scan



Tantric Precepts

  1. Do not obstruct the energy of another person.
  1. Do not drain the energy of others and give freely of your own energy.
  1. Do not misuse energy.
  1. Use for whatever purpose the energy appropriate for that purpose.
  1. Do not allow energy to become turgid, keep it bright and clear.


Tuesday 4 pm

Meditation led by Paramananda (earth below, sky above….)

Q & A with Paramananda and Bodhilila 




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Drinking tea, sitting, quiet – ahhh. This Saturday enjoy Zen tea. More info here. Book here.