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Sangha Night

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  • Tuesdays 7-9.30pm
  • Booking not required
  • No charge, suggested donation £10

The Sangha Night class is a chance to explore Buddhism and meditation through a rolling programme of presentations and small group discussions. Open to all who have learnt meditation. A Buddhism course is a good way in to this class, but you are very welcome whether or not you have done a course. Tuesdays 7-9.30pm, by donation. You can listen to recordings of some of the talks at www.freebuddhistaudio.com.

Sangha Nights on the Six Paramitas

The ‘Paramitas’ (perfections, transcendences) are virtues practiced by an actual or trainee Bodhisattva (a being bent on Enlightenment for the benefit of all beings). They offer a practical, nuts-and-bolts approach to following the Buddhist path. Actions that flow from the practice of the paramitas take us beyond narrow selfish concerns, opening us up to an expanded sense of connection and compassion.

Over the next seven Sangha Nights we will explore the set of six Paramitas and finish with an overview as follows:

5 November – Dana (Giving) led by Bodhilila

12 November – Sila (Ethics) led by Saraha

19 November – Ksanti (Patience) led by Vilasini

26 November – Virya (Vigour) led by Vilasamani

3 December – Dhyana (Meditation) led by Bodhilila

10 December – Prajna (Wisdom) led by Prajnanita

17 December – Overview led by Ratnadeva

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