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Mindfulness has recently been rediscovered by science and medicine as an effective means of reducing stress, managing chronic pain and helping with addictive patterns. Mindfulness is a way of staying in the moment so that we can become more aware of our present experience and more engaged with life. It’s not about trying to force change but instead trying to see and accept the way things are, for better or for worse, and then changing our responses. Mindfulness helps us to respond to life’s difficulties with increased resilience, equanimity and joy. Our life may still contain a lot of difficulty if we live with pain or illness, for example, but our quality of life can be profoundly transformed.

Mindfulness has been at the heart of Buddhist meditation practice for over two thousand years as a way to cultivate calm, tranquillity and to develop awareness and insight. However, all of our Breathworks mindfulness classes and courses are entirely secular in nature and delivered by highly experienced and accredited Breathworks teachers. So if you want to experience the benefits of mindfulness meditation without the Buddhism then these are the ideal classes for you.

We offer:

8-week Mindfulness for Health courses

8-week Mindfulness for Stress courses

Taster sessions – for newcomers

Mindfulness for Wellbeing – ‘refreshers’ afternoons for those with some experience of mindfulness

Breathworks Centre of Excellence

The West London Buddhist Centre and Breathworks CIC have formed a partnership to offer secular mindfulness courses for people with long-term health conditions, chronic pain, and stress in London.

The Breathworks approach includes simple body awareness and breathing meditations with an emphasis on kindness, compassion and connection. It also incorporates experiential exercises, theory based on recent scientific evidence, mindful movement, mindfulness in daily life, and led practices followed by enquiry. The course is designed to support participants to better understand their experience and feel empowered to make choices that can improve their day to day lives.