West London Buddhist Centre

Buddha Day (Wesak)

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  • Sun May 26th 2024
  • 10:30 am
  • 4:30 pm
  • Booking not required
  • By donation - suggested £35/£20/£10

A day of celebration, of welcoming in, of waking up.

This is our opportunity to rejoice in the birth of the Enlightened One, the Buddha, and learn from his awakening. And our chance to celebrate each of our very own potential to wake up and make the most of this precious life.

We are delighted that our new president, Subhadassi, will be joining us to take us on a journey to meet the Buddha – and meet ourselves.


10.00am   doors open
10.30am   welcome and meditation, led by Dhammagita
11.15am   tea break
11.45am   talk(s) about what waking up means to us
1.00pm     lunch (bring veggie lunch to share)
2.00pm     meeting Subhadassi and an imaginative journey meeting the Buddha, with meditation, discussion
4.30pm     close

Maitripushpa with stone dragonAmlanadhiSubhadassi

Maitripushpa (l), Amlanadhi (c), Subhadassi (r) and a creative cohort

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