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Buddha Day 2023

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  • Sun May 21st 2023
  • 10:30 am
  • 4:30 pm
  • Booking not required
  • Suggested donation £5/£10/£20

Join Amlanadhi and team to celebrate our potential to wake up: Buddha Day! Listen to Amlanadhi tell you what’s in store for the day.

It will be a day of devotion and beauty to help evoke the Buddha’s breakthrough, his Enlightenment, his Waking Up.

There will be talks, gifts, lunch to share, as well as meditation and offerings. And there will be the chance to witnessa mitra ceremony: Ted will take that important step during our morning celebrations.

And not to be missed – a talk in the afternoon from Nandaraja (who leads the Wednesday lunchtime meditation)! This will offer us a chance to reflect on the Buddha’s Enlightenment experience.

Please do pop a gift into the red basket in reception any time before 21st May. We would really like to make the day full of joy, fun and surprises. Gifts will be given out on the day, to each other, and to the wider community.

Doors open at 10am, with a 10.30am start in the Main Shrine Room. Come for the whole day or part of it. Touch in with your potential to wake up too!


10.00am  Doors Open
10.30am  Shrine Room:the day begins with Salutation and Offerings to the Buddha
11.30am  Mitra Ceremony: a chance to celebrate and witness Ted’s mitra commitment

Lunch (1230ish-2)

2.00pm  Reconvene in the Shrine Room: Entreaty and Supplication
2.30pm  Nandaraja: Buddha Day talk
3.30pm  Tea, Rejoicings and Gifts
4.00pm  Closing mantras
4.15pm  Clear Up


Amlanadhi (l)  Nandaraja (r) – talk

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