West London Buddhist Centre

There is a Field

Online retreat: There is a field…

Sunday 19 July 7pm – Saturday 25 July 5.30pm

led by Paramananda and Bodhilila


Out beyond ideas

of wrong doing and right doing

there is a field

I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down

in that grass

the world is too full

to speak of

ideas, language even the notion

one another

makes no sense.





Welcome to the There is a field retreat page where we will be posting talks, led meditations and Q&A discussions.

We will post both an audio and a video recording of each session



Day 1: Sunday 19th July

Day 2: Monday 20th July

Day 3: Tuesday 21st July

Day 4: Wednesday 22nd July

Day 5: Thursday 23rd July

Day 6: Friday 24th July

Day 7: Saturday 25th July



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