How to help

Getting involved with the Centre

If you feel a connection with the Buddhist Centre, would you like to help out? You can give money (see below), but we also need time and skills. Ring Ratnaprabha or Bodhilila on 020 7727 9382 to talk about any of these ideas.  As we prepare to move to our new Centre, there is more and more to do, and we are starting a big fundraising drive to cover the costs.


Sorting out the bookshop and mailing list, painting, repairing, putting the library in order, gardening, selling books on Amazon — lots of things to do.

We also need

Regular volunteers, who can come in for (say) half a day each week, and people with skills:

  • A handy man/woman
  • Bookshop and library helper
  • Website and computer help
  • Publicity help (e.g. leafleting)

Giving money

All our income comes from people who use the Centre — we try to keep expenses low, but we do need more regular income to offer the kind of events and teaching that people want. There is a dana bowl for donations. Standing orders are best for the Centre: pick up a form, or ask us to send you one. You can donate online via Paypal:

 or our Mydonate page. Or use our donation form to donate by cheque.


Please fill in a giftaid form if you are a UK taxpayer. It means your donation is worth 25% more, as we can claim tax back from the government.  You can use the text below, it is ok in an email (see contact us page), or printed out and signed.

Text for Gift Aid Declaration to be sent in an e-mail or printed out:

I, [ insert your full name ] of [ insert your full address including postcode ] wish the Triratna Buddhist Community (West London) (Charity No. 271591) to treat all donations I have made for the six years prior to the date below, and all donations I may make after this date, as Gift Aid donations so that tax may be recovered on them for the benefit of the West London Buddhist Centre. I understand that I must be paying Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax of at least the amount which will be reclaimed by the charity and that I may cancel this Declaration at any time.

Dated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Signed (if printed) . . . . . . . . . . . .