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The main site for the Triratna Buddhist Community containing news and information about the movement, plus extensive articles on the Buddhist tradition in general, as well as how it is practised within Triratna.

Windhorse Publications

As well as being stocked in our bookshop, most books mentioned on this site are also available via Windhorse Publications and can be bought online via their website.

Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist Audio aims to make the full audio recordings library of the Triratna Community free for all to download over the internet. A fascinating and invaluable set of audio recordings for you to listen to on computer, CD, iPod or MP3 player.  West London recordings are here.  Please donate when you use the site, that is their only way of keeping going. There are some alternative led meditations by Jinananda here.

Clear Vision

A UK Buddhist charity producing audio-visual materials for Buddhism. See website for Buddhist images and video: lectures, clips and documentaries.  Clear Vision specialises in award-winning DVD and online interactive Buddhist materials for schools and young people.

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