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You can find details on the Buddhist teachers at the centre below in random order. This order changes every time you access this page. We also host sessions run by therapists and other teachers from outside the Centre. You can find out about them by visiting the Therapists, Yoga & Qigong Teachers, and Mindfulness Teachers pages.

  • Viramati

    ‘Heroic mental attitude’ Viramati was ordained in 1979. He moved to Italy in the mid 1980’s where he lived until 1998 when he returned to the UK. He is now retired spending time working on his own personal photographic projects and when he can helping out around the Centre.

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  • Mitrananda


    He delights in his friends

    Mitrananda has practised as a Buddhist for 30 years. In 1999 he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and given his Buddhist name. During his career as a psychiatrist, he has worked as an academic (14 years), NHS consultant and most recently as tribunal medical member. He is married ( to a non-Buddhist) and has two…

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  • Dharmavadana


    He who speaks truth

    Dharmavadana has been active around the West London Buddhist Centre since 1991, working in a right livelihood shop, helping in the office and supporting and teaching meditation classes. Dharmavadana is a poet and writer and was ordained in 2005.

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  • Vilasamani

    Sparkling jewel

    Vilasamani was ordained in 2005. He has worked in a right-livelihood project in West London and now practises craniosacral therapy at the West London Buddhist Centre. Vilasamani is on the Sangha class team.

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  • Bodhilila

    The play of awakening

    Bodhilila has been meditating and practising mindfulness for 27 years. She is a fully accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer as well as a qualified counsellor, teacher and massage therapist. She worked for many years as a classical musician and more recently worked as a nursery manager. Since January 2012 she has worked at the West London Buddhist Centre…

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  • Amlanadhi

    Amlanadhi was ordained in 2011 whilst working at Windhorse Trading in Cambridge.  She helps out at the Centre and loves the opportunity to build Sangha and friendship through working alongside others.  She lived for a number of years in a Buddhist Community and worked at the Evolution Shop in East London.

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  • Ratnaprabha

    The radiance of the jewel

    Ratnaprabha moved down from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre in March 2008 to help in the Centre. He has a background in science teaching, and is the author of The Evolving Mind: Buddhism, Biology and Consciousness and Finding the mind. He has been teaching Buddhism and meditation since his ordination in 1982.

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  • Yashobodhi

    She whose awakening is beautiful

    Yashobodhi is involved in teaching and befriending in our Sangha, as well as in running the centre. She is the women’s mitra convenor, so if you are thinking of becoming a mitra please contact her via the centre or via yb [at] wlbc [dot] co [dot] uk. She also leads retreats both nationally and internationally. Her…

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  • Sahananda

    Sahananda has meditated and practised Buddhism most of his adult life.  He moved to West London from Manchester in 1985 and has been involved with the Centre here one way or another since.  Ordained since 1992.  For the first 15 years of this millennium he looked after retail systems for Windhorse Trading and he now…

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  • Kamalashila


    He whose conduct (śila, Sanskrit) is like a red lotus (kamala)

    Kamalashila was ordained in 1974. He helped start the West London Buddhist Centre in 1976. In 1979 he co-founded a meditation retreat centre, Vajraloka in North Wales, which he helped to run until the early nineties. He teaches meditation in the UK and abroad, including occasional workshops, classes and retreats for the West London Buddhist Centre….

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  • Paramananda


    Unexcelled bliss

    Paramananda was ordained in 1985. He is the chairman of the West London Buddhist Centre. Paramananda is the author of the best-selling Change Your Mind, A Deeper Beauty and The Art of meditation: The Body. He is in great demand internationally as a meditation teacher and retreat leader.

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  • Akashadevi

    ‘Light Being of Infinite Space’ Akashadevi was ordained in 2011. Last February she joined Bodhilila in moving from a longstanding and well-established Women’s Community in Bethnal Green to form a new West London Women’s Community, in a beautiful house by the river. She is passionate about community living as practice, as well as about teaching…

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  • Tarakarunya

    Tara’s wisdom and compassion

    Tarakarunya was ordained in 2001. She became an anagarika in 2004 by taking an extra vow of celibacy. Tarakarunya is an artist, painting mainly devotional thangkas representing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. She is the West London Buddhist Centre shrine-keeper, and leads our regular meditation and devotional ritual evening.

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