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Buddha Day May 2010 ShrineMeditation Club

Last Sunday of the month, 10:30 -5:00, usually with Paramananda. Bring vegetarian lunch to share. No need to book, suggested donation £20. Usually meditation 10:30-1, discussion from 2pm, finishing with meditation.

Sunday 30 November

No meditation club in December 2014

Kanō_Osanobu_71_uta-awase_croppedZen and Tea Day

Sunday 14 December 10.30 – 5.00, led by Prabhasvara, who writes:

“I’ve spent the past three years in Asia studying Tea with several famous Masters, and I feel very passionately about the benefits of drinking ancient, organic Tea mindfully. It can have a really positive effect on our practice of the Dharma. After all, 1500 years of Zen’s intertwining with Tea must point to something. . .

“The day will include meditation and two ancient style Tea ceremonies. Afterwards, we will have a more informal discussion about the power Tea has to connect us to ourselves, to others, and to Nature. A word of warning to most of you. Please don’t think we will be drinking the types of Teas found in supermarkets. Tea from ancient trees is an entirely different experience! But by the time we get to this, you’ll know already! If you are interested, please check out my website at, or my Facebook Page at Living Tea -UK”


Sundays in…

Parinirvana Day  February
Triratna Day   April
Buddha Day  May
Dharma Day   July
Padmasambhava Day   September or October
Sangha Day   November

Women’s Meditation Events

Future women’s meditation event dates to be confirmed

All Saturdays from 12.30-5.30 (come at 12.30 for a shared vegetarian lunch or 1.30 for meditation). All Sundays run from 11am – 4pm with a shared vegetarian lunch at 1pm.

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